eVerifi© is a is a subscription based cloud portal that verifies and authenticate all legal documents and IDs in a specific country. The portal have several modules, each one serving as the source data base for a particular document. The goal of eVerifi is to eliminate fraud originating from fake documents by a unique identifier to electronically verify each document. This will inadvertently raise revenue by enforcing compliance. The service can be accessed using any Internet browser and mobile device. The system is accessible 24/7 and it is updated every 10 minutes. Historical data up to seven (7) years* is accessible at any time. Some of the documents verify include: - Flag Receipt - Driver License - National ID Card - Vehicle Registration - Passport - Business Registration Certificate - Tax Clearance Certificate - Death Certificate - Birth Certificate - WAEC Certificate - Social Security Certificate - Fire Service Certificate - School Documents - Employee ID - Etc. Some eVerifi modules are: Flag Receipt Verifier© (FRV) This module verifies every Government of Liberia issued treasury receipts in real time.
 Verify all GOL flag receipts including but not limited to the following taxes, duties, charges and fees:
o Vehicle Registration
o Driver license
o Marriage certificate
o Bill of divorce
o Birth certificate
o Death certificate
o Passport
o Business Registration
o Residence permit
o Work permit
o Professional Licenses
o Import duties
o Export duties
o Warranty deed
o Withholding
o Traffic violation tickets
o Parking fees
o Etc.

VeriPass This Module verifies all Government of Liberia issued passports.