ePayslip©, a VoxHR and VoxPayroll module is Service-as-a-Solution which will help the employers to cheaply, efficiently and effectively enhance pay slip distribution and resolve payroll deduction dispute. As the workforce becomes more decentralized and spread across even some of the remotest part of a country, the employers will need to be able to distribute payroll and pay slips to these areas cheaply, effectively, and efficiently. ePayslip© can help the employers accomplish that. ePayslip©, is a Service-as-a-Solution that gives access to gives users access to their pay slips in real time, anywhere, anytime. Employees can access their pay slip and verify: Gross Salary, Income Tax, Social Security Tax, Personal Insurance (Optional), Group Insurance (If the entity signed up for it). The application has two platforms: Cloud Based* (Mobile/Desktop) and USSD (SMS Messaging). The application being a service-as-solution does not depend on any local IT infrastructure. The only thing that is required to access the service is an Internet connection (for the Mobile App) and GSM/Cell connectivity for the USSD (SMS) Module. As long as the user has cell coverage, that user will have access to the application. The service can be accessed using any mobile network, any internet browser and any mobile device. The system is accessible 24/7 and it is updated every pay period. Historical payroll data up to six months* is accessible at any time. ePayslip© (Mobile App) uses the same security technology used by online banking and credit card companies. The USSD (SMS) Module is password protected and uses a unique identifier (payroll number) for dual-authentication.