One of the major benefits of technology is that it gives an organization the ability to minimize business processes seamlessly and conveniently. Today’s criminals are smarter and have more creative tools and tricks than ever before and their network is expanding to even the remotest parts of the country. As the revenue collection process becomes more aggressive and decentralized, more and more people will try to beat the system. FLAG RECEIPT VERIFIER© can help you eliminate that. Flag Receipt Verifier© (FRV), a module of RoviaGate’s eVerifi© platform, is a Portal-as-a-Service solution that can verify GOL flag receipts including the amount, payment date, taxpayer name, taxpayer identification number, and tax kind in near real time. The service being a cloud based solution does not depend on any local IT infrastructure. The only thing that is required to access the service is an Internet connection. Due its ability to work both online and offline, FRV mobile app allows you to access the FRV service using a mobile device even without an Internet connection. The service can be accessed using any Internet browser and mobile device. The system is accessible 24/7 and it is updated every 10 minutes such that when taxpayer make payment and flag receipt is issued that receipt can be verified using the FRV system almost immediately from anywhere. Historical receipt data up to one year is accessible at any time. Optionally, the service can also be accessed via SMS by texting your Flag Receipt number to a short code on any network.*