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By: RoviaGate Technology, LLC / Date: Jun 30, 2021

RoviaGate Presents its first Quarterly Internship Mentor Speaking Series on Friday, March 22, 2019, at 1 pm, at RoviaGate's business office on Randall St. Our inaugural speaker is Mr. Ahamadu M Sirleaf. For participation in the event, please contact the Liberia IT Student Union (LITSU). Space is very limited. The event will be carried LIVE on social media platforms. About Mr. Ahamadu M Sirleaf Ahamadu is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, inventor, and professional software developer who has over 10 years of experience developing software, data transformation, and cloud services. Professionally, he is currently a Lead Software Developer at CGI, one of the world's leading Management and IT consulting services. His experience spans a wide range of backend software languages and frameworks including Java, Pentaho, Apex, PHP, Python, Spring, and Hibernate, to name a few. Before CGI, he worked with the Caribbean Institute of Nephrology based in Jamaica to develop the first-ever electronic Caribbean Renal Registry. The registry is a research-focused database designed to report in real-time new incidences of the disease, and track and report specific cases based on selected parameters among other things. As an investor, Ahamadu has filed two patents for new inventions and is currently working on a third patent. The first is a technology patent that is based on the biometric identification of patients. The second patent is one that is based on a product he currently sells online called KangoPod ( The invention of KangoPod and subsequently a consumer product was driven by a problem he encountered as a Jeep Wrangler owner. He created a practical solution to the problem which is now endorsed by Wrangler enthusiasts around the world. The third patent is a technology patent that brings together biometric identification and computer network security. As an entrepreneur, Ahamadu is the owner of, an online store that sells his invention. He is also the owner of LEAF Franchise Enterprises, LLC. the managing body of several United States franchises. He is currently undertaking the construction of the first Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise to be managed by this body. Subsequent franchises would include additional Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchises while other viable franchises are being explored. As an investor, Ahamadu enjoys innovating, developing, and bringing new products to the market. As a philanthropist, Ahamadu is involved in community activities in the United States helping to raise funds for cancer research, and in Liberia where he funds community empowerment projects. His current project involves a community bridge in an upcoming Marshall community where members of the community are collecting toll payments from commuters crossing the bridge. The funds are used to manage and maintain the bridge while also compensating those who spend time manning the bridge. In the United States, Ahamadu participates in Obliteride, a cycling event that raises funds to support cancer research at the Fred Hutch, Seattle where Ahamadu received his lifesaving bone marrow transplant for leukemia. Ahamadu is LIBERIAN!!! BORN AND RAISED!!! Ahamadu Sirleaf is a product of St. Patrick's High School (Class of 96).